Midnight Orchid

Zalera | Crystal Data Center
Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 15

Open hours
Mondays: 9pm-12am CST

The Midnight Orchid is a small eatery/cafe owned by a male Keeper Miqo'te named Vaco'a Yeidsa.

There is a tree house, seating and baths outside for those who like sitting amidst nature. A relaxing getaway to enjoy good food and enjoy the comforts of the wilderness that comes with the Lavender Beds.

If you are looking for a place to rest your body and partake in a meal that will satisfy the soul, come to the Midnight Orchid. You are always welcome.

The open hours for the Midnight Orchid are as followed.
Mondays from 9pm to 12am, CST.
Fridays from 7pm to 1am, CST.
Please know, depending on the amount of guests, that the cafe might close early.
If you're ever in doubt on the matter of the Midnight Orchid being open, check the Party Finder, as there will be an advertisement up during open hours.

Vaco'a Yeidsa is a Keeper Miqo'te, hailing from the Black Shroud. He has taken to cooking alongside his adventuring.

He decided to open the Midnight Orchid as a means to allow other adventurers to find a place to rest their feet and partake in a hearty meal before they venture back out into the wilds.

If he is not at his eatery, he is likely out and about, going from one grand adventure to the next.